About Us

We work for you.

Ralph Weiner & Associates is truly an independent agency, which draws on its direct contracts and services provided by numerous highly rated and recognized insurance companies throughout the nation.

We carefully examine the needs of each of our insureds and provide options from several companies, so you receive the best policy suited for you at the most competitive price.

We follow very strict criteria when partnering with the companies we represent and constantly monitor their performance to ensure the best products and services available year in and year out.

Ralph Weiner & Associates - Who We Are

As a full service, all lines insurance agency, Ralph Weiner & Associates, LLC comprises a team of highly seasoned professionals whose expertise and commitment to “personal” service is second to none. While our agency is exceptionally proficient in all aspects of commercial and business insurance, we similarly take pride in our added specialized areas of Home & Auto Insurance, Group Employee Benefits, and all aspects of Life, Health & Disability coverages for both Businesses and Individuals. In addition, our premier specialty division focusing on Long Term Care for Nursing Homes, Assisted Living & Special Needs Facilities is the best in the industry.

With an experienced staff of qualified, caring professionals, you are assured of both professional and highly personalized service. Currently, we serve over 3,500 policyholders, made up of individuals, families, and businesses both locally and throughout the United States.

Gary Weiner, President, In-house Counsel

Gary Weiner, Ralph’s son, and a Phi Beta Kappa, Cum Laude graduate from the University of Illinois, practiced corporate law prior to joining the Agency in 1985. With the growing sophistication and complexities in the insurance industry, Gary’s expertise in both sales and law lends itself well to his position as Agency President and in-house counsel.

Gary’s deep interpersonal relationship with our clients, unique sense of humor, and love of his dog Freddie provide the professional leadership and personal character as the face of our agency.

Ralph Weiner, Founder

Ralph Weiner, the beloved founder, and namesake of our Agency began his own business in 1951, selling door to door, with the assistance of his wife Rosalie and sister-in-law Sandy. We are proud to say that many of his first clients are still with our agency through many generations.

Ralph’s work ethic was second to none and his complete, and full-time commitment to his clients was truly unparalleled. These traditions have been passed on and stayed with the agency in our absolute dedication to personalized service. Ralph was instrumental in establishing the Illinois State Guaranty Fund, protecting businesses and consumers against insolvency by insurance companies in Illinois.

From the early 1950s until his passing in 2005, he built Ralph Weiner & Associates into the major, well-recognized agency it is today and built a legacy of “always getting the job done”. He is missed each and every day but he will never forgotten.

Rosalie Weiner, Co-Founder

Rosalie Weiner, our now retired secretary, treasurer and original bookkeeper, first met Ralph at a public park in Chicago at the tender age of 13. Both terrific athletes, Rosalie beat Ralph at a game of tennis and a chin-up contest, and they each knew then it was love at first sight. They took their vows at the age of 20 and were happily married the next 54 years until Ralph’s passing.

Rosalie worked at the agency from its inception through 2015,was the wind behind Ralph’s back and still attends all major agency functions and events.